Our Services in the field of SAP Plant Maintenance and Service Management

SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM) and Customer Service (SAP CS) have been a main focus of us for many years. We can look back on a multitude of international projects in this field. In these projects we have implemented a broad variety of processes with different SAP and non-SAP solutions in industries like Automotive, Chemicals, Utilities, Industrial Services, Mechanical Engineering/Plant construction, Medical, Mining, Transport etc.

Besides implementation we are also specialized in the selection of software as well as the optimization of existing SAP solutions in this field.  Furthermore, we link the processes referring to SAP systems (SAP ERP or S/4 HANA) with our mobile solution oxando Asset Management to achieve an ideal benefit for our customers in an integrated solution.

Plant Maintenance with SAP PM/EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)

We support you in implementing and optimizing maintenance processes with SAP PM/EAM. This includes amongst others the structuring of technical installations and assets, planning and execution of maintenance services, fault repair right up to charging of services and costs as well as corresponding analysis of these. Furthermore, we offer the mobile solution oxando Asset Management for SAP PM/EAM to complete the solution portfolio.

Customer Service with SAP CS (Customer Service)

With SAP CS we have been mapping our customer´s service processes for many years. For this purpose, SAP CS offers the administration of the customer´s technical installations, the administration of service contracts and warranties, customer hotline and message processing/solving, field service, shop repair as well as billing of work performed and service controlling.
In this field we have broad experience with functional add-ons amongst others in the areas of extended message processing/solving, simplified processing of repairs as well as effort-related billing (DP90) for the optimization of the SAP solution.
For executing further processes we use related SAP Modules such as Quality Management (QM) or SAP Records Management in order to map the customer´s processes, for instance in the complaint management process.
Although SAP is not particularly dedicated to further developments in this area, we create future prospects for our customers through our add-on solution oxando Asset Management without questioning the investment into the existing CS-solution.

Workforce Management with SAP MRS (Multi-Resource-Scheduling)

With SAP Multi-Resource Scheduling (SAP MRS) we support you in administrating and planning your technician groups and technicians- whether manually by your procurement manager or through the use of the optimizer in SAP MRS. This planning board is connected with SAP PM/EAM and SAP CS.
We do not consider resource planning as a software-tool, but as a fundamental part of the order process, which must be embedded from generating orders to mobile order distribution and order confirmation. In the field of resource planning we resort to broad project and process experience.

Main Focus: Integration along processes

The maintenance and service processes belong to the processes with the highest connectivity in a company and at the same time contribute more and more to a company´s overall success. A smooth connection of the maintenance or the customer service to the fields of material management, sales or human resource management increases process efficiency and therefore the satisfaction of the internal or external customer.
Based on our long-term and application-independent experience, the integration of the maintenance and service processes are in the centre of attention for us. All process steps and the underlying software components – from SAP PM/CS via resource planning SAP MRS to a mobile solution like oxando Asset Management – have to be consistent.

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