Our services in the field of technology, web solutions and customer specific solutions

In the projects for our customers we develop solutions to close functional gaps or to simplify processes or functions and to increase their efficiency. Our customer’s detailed requirement for the business process yields to the decision which technology has to be used for the implementation – mobile solution, web solution or SAP GUI Transaction within the SAP System. When it comes to developing customer specific solutions and functions we contribute our experience in processes and applications to the projects, so that at the end our customer is provided with an integrated and optimal solution.


Our developers and consultants both apply the established and the latest SAP and non-SAP technologies. This includes amongst others service-oriented applications based on SAP Netweaver, ABAP/4, JAVA, SAP WebDynpro, SAP Business Server Pages (BSP), SAP Mobile Infrastructure or SAP Business Workflow.

Functional Add-ons

In areas where the SAP Standard shows functional deficiencies or where the implementation of processes in the SAP System is very hard to achieve, we conduct own development activities. Hereby, we count on established SAP add-on possibilities through Userexits / BADIs to complete customer specific transactions in ABAP/4 or JAVA. Our experience shows that an add-on in decisive parts of a process can considerably increase the efficiency of the overall process. However, we only use add-ons in areas where they are useful and necessary.

Web-based User Interfaces

Often SAP User Interfaces are too complex or uncomfortable to use, especially for users whose day-to-day business does not take place within SAP applications and transactions. In this use case, we increasingly apply simplified web-based user interfaces. We generate them based on SAP WebDynpro or Business Server Pages and use standard interfaces for the SAP application.

SAP Business Workflow

Using SAP Business Workflow is always an option when processes are to be systemically supported or executed automatically. For mapping and managing the processes, we apply standard workflows and implement or develop customer specific workflows. Hence, SAP Business Workflow offers another important element in the “tool box” out of which we choose the means to implement your processes.