Employee scheduling with SAP MRS

Shift planning is an elementary component of the order process. It should be embedded in the software from order generation to mobile order distribution and feedback. This is the only way for companies to reliably plan and later meet deadlines. Not only does this make customers more satisfied, but also the employees, who are more motivated by more small successes.

Employee scheduling can be very simple: with the Workforce Management solution “SAP Multiresource Scheduling” (SAP MRS), you manage your technician groups and technicians – whether manually by your dispatcher or using the optimizer in SAP MRS.

How does employee scheduling work?


  • Existing resources and orders are recorded in SAP ERP.
  • The dispatcher allocates resources and orders or uses automation tools.
  • Technicians have a digital overview of all their own orders and can immediately send back the results.
  • The resource planning can be adapted in real time.



What are the advantages of employee scheduling with oxando?


  • Technicians can keep an eye on orders at all times.
  • The scheduling department has a complete overview and can prioritize orders optimally.
  • Feedback from employees takes place in real time: postponements can be taken into account quickly.
  • Companies make optimum use of the workforce’s competencies and resources.



User interfaces are easy to understand for anyone without extensive training.

Technicians avoid unnecessary travel times. Companies make better use of resources.

oxando offers comprehensive project and process experience in technician deployment planning.

SAP MRS can be coupled with SAP PM & SAP EAM for maintenance and with SAP CS for customer service.

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