The processes matter

With oxando’s expertise, you can set up processes in SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) & SAP EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) that fit perfectly and connect them with mobile solutions or web applications. This makes data available and its recording efficient for the employees – without a clipboard. The maintenance processes include the following:

  • Mapping technical installations
  • Planning and carrying out maintenance work
  • Troubleshooting
  • Calculating and evaluating services and costs

You receive all services from a single source, which simplifies your coordination.

What SAP Plant Maintenance and SAP Enterprise Asset Management have to offer

Preventative maintenance
Maintenance and work plans, replacing spare and wear parts

Extended maintenance
Material requirements and capacity planning, managing employee qualifications

Predictive maintenance
SCADA integration, condition monitoring, mobile maintenance with RFID usage and barcode scans

Asset Lifecycle Management
Reliability analyses, project management, business optimization

Collaborative Asset Management
Implementation of cross-company scenarios, cross-location analyses

What are the advantages of SAP Plant Maintenance and SAP Enterprise Asset Management with oxando?

  • You implement reliable maintenance processes.
  • You map the plant structure – from the plant to the functional location to the individual piece of equipment and the required material.
  • Your maintenance becomes more economical.
  • Technicians work more efficiently and completely without paper forms.
  • You have the four central areas of maintenance under control:

1. Managing technical objects

2. Planning maintenance and work

3. Processing notifications and orders

4. Having an information system available in real time

Processes are standardized and therefore more efficient. Maintenance becomes more economical.

Mobile functions available without middelware. Collect data directly at the functional location.

Checklists are integrated into your planned processes and ensure quality.

All services come from one source for easy coordination.

Do you have questions about Plant Maintenance or Enterprise Asset Management?

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