Processes and technologies under control

Many companies want an IT partner who will accompany them through all phases of the entire life cycle of their software – from implementation and operation to regular optimization. oxando is such a partner: we have already successfully managed many application lifecycle management (ALM) projects with the SAP Solution Manager and are always up-to-date thanks to close cooperation with SAP experts. We offer add-ons and, if required, develop individual interfaces for you. This enables us to meet additional customer requirements and extend the functionality of the SAP Solution Manager.

SAP Solution Manager Upgrade
Change and Release Management
IT Service Management
SAP Solution Manager Add-ons

Implement upgrades smoothly

Analysis, planning, implementation: upgrades should be carried out in such a way that operation is not disrupted and all users can continue to work without interruption after the conversion. Find out how oxando successfully designs upgrades.

We take precision work very seriously

It takes a certain amount of competence if companies want to evaluate and implement the requirements of their departments well. The change and release processes must be well controlled. With the SAP Solution Manager, oxando brings in the necessary experience.

Faster troubleshooting

Good IT service management processes keep operations running and ensure satisfaction. Our focus is on a professional implementation in the SAP Solution Manager.

Solutions for practical use

We have two special IT service management solutions for you: oxando’s e-mail add-on facilitates support, as e-mails from users flow directly into the ticketing system. With the oxando add-on for customer surveys, you can easily and flexibly create and evaluate meaningful surveys.

Our SAP Solution Manager consulting in action

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