Edit fault messages by e-mail as tickets

Your users report malfunctions by e-mail? Your IT service employees work in the SAP Solution Manager? The oxando e-mail add-on (ERMS) can be easily installed, and the e-mails are transferred automatically into the SAP Solution Manager system. The system sends e-mails directly with all documents for a specific solution. Support couldn’t be easier – also because the exchange between various ticket systems is possible.

This creates more efficiency and quality for your IT services. A special advantage: end users and support can work with their preferred systems, and all information is available.

Asking questions can be so simple: customer survey add-on creates knowledge

You invest heavily to provide the best possible IT services to all departments and use SAP Solution Manager to do so. But you also want to know whether the services are actually well received. Regular surveys help you optimize your services in a more targeted way. oxando has developed a simple and established solution for this: you conduct surveys by e-mail or online and record all results in the SAP Solution Manager. That makes dispatching and evaluations easier than ever before. And: those who know the satisfaction of their customers can expand their company more purposefully.

How do the oxando add-ons work?

E-mail/ticket integration

  • The system converts incoming e-mails from users into malfunctions or support requests (tickets) fully automatically or with a click and assigns them according to specifications.
  • The users confirm the proposed solution or reject it via buttons in the reply e-mail.

Customer survey add-on

  • Easily and flexibly create meaningful surveys, which you can conduct by e-mail or online.
  • You simply evaluate the survey results: ticket-related, cumulated and, in any case, graphically well prepared.

The advantages of oxando add-ons

  • Enhancement of the inbound e-mail-function of the SAP Solution Manager
  • Easier handling of inquiries by e-mail
  • Consolidated information that can be searched comprehensively
  • Increased security and service quality
  • User convenience through automatic reply e-mail with buttons
  • More convenience for service employees, as they work in only one system
  • Create and conduct surveys for different support areas individually and receive direct feedback

All add-ons are easily and quickly installed.

Central processing of e-mails/tickets in one system

Increased availability of information ensures a better service quality.

Dynamic framework: create surveys individually and conduct them via email or online.

Do you have questions about our add-ons?

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