Good planning is half the battle

There will always be adjustments to an IT solution: extensions, new functions or upgrades. In order for operations to continue smoothly in the event of changes, companies should know their goals and where and what hurdles need to be overcome. Change and release management can help here.

oxando has the experience and the toolbox to remove all obstacles. Customers and oxando experts design processes together and take the existing IT landscape into account in order to achieve a comprehensive control of all change packages – from the development to the test to the productive system. You will receive a recommendation for the best possible procedure from oxando and, if required, can also place the implementation in our hands.

It’s clear: together, we define goals in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for the specialist departments. In doing so, we create a uniform understanding of all parties involved – functions, deadlines and budget. A pragmatic approach and consistent customer orientation are important to us.

How do we implement change und release management?

  • We listen and analyze: what is important to you? A common understanding of the goals and paths emerges.
  • We document the change request: categorize, clarify information, prioritize according to effort, urgency, risk and benefits.
  • We plan the realization with you in detail: design, implementation and fallback solutions.
  • We provide support during the test phase, go-live and hypercare phase – until the new solution is stable.
  • We accompany the solution during the maintenance phase.

Advantages of change and release management with oxando

  • You optimize change processes so that they are adapted to your IT landscape. This enables you to optimally master even complex IT landscapes.
  • You control change processes systematically – from specification to testing to the release of changes.
  • You plan releases of your solutions in detail, have an overview and implement the updates without disruption.
  • You avoid unnecessary disturbances and document all changes to objects and processes. This also enables you to meet the legal governance requirements.
  • You operate services continuously and avoid annoying breakdowns.

Change and release management creates a structured cooperation: goals and tasks are clear.

The comprehensive documentation of the changes makes the company more audit-compliant.

With our expertise from many projects, you can successfully optimize change processes.

Smooth and lean processes ensure maximum efficiency.

Do you have questions about Change Control Management?

Contact us or take a look at our insights on the subject of Change and Release Management.