oxando simplifies your inventories

oxando’s mobile inventory solution can be quickly integrated into SAP MM (Materials Management) via existing interfaces. The user interface of the application can be intuitively operated on mobile devices and works interactively in order to easily record the counted quantities such as material or serial numbers. Barcode scanners can also be integrated into the mobile inventory.

You simply dispose inventory documents for the employees via SAP MM and synchronize them with the mobile device. Your inventory thus reaches a new level of efficiency.


How does a mobile inventory work?

  • Assign inventory documents from SAP MM (Materials Management) to individual employees.
  • oxando transfers the inventory documents to the employees’ mobile devices.
  • Employees gather the results offline.
  • The results synchronize with the SAP ERP.
  • The MRP overview in SAP ERP shows the status as well as which employees have received which inventory documents.


What are the advantages of a mobile inventory?

  • With the MRP overview, you always have a clear and unambiguous overview of the status.
  • At all times, you know which employee has received which inventory documents.
  • The error rate drops towards zero.
  • The mobile inventory with oxando is fast and easy to use.
  • Direct synchronization in SAP MM saves time and money.


Easy installation – any industry can quickly implement mobile inventories.

Capture results offline from anywhere: in large machine halls and remote offices.

Runs on all mobile devices from laptops to tablets and on the common operating systems iOS and Android.

You can search for materials in all inventory documents using a special function.

Do you have questions about mobile inventory?

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