Mobility creates efficiency

The world of work is changing with mobile devices and digitization. Everyone can work with Tablet and Co. wherever they want or should. This also applies to warehouses and production. Today, every company can save pens and error-prone data transmission with mobile solutions. With the oxando Mobile Connector, a platform is available that is quickly ready for use and gets by without any middleware.

Mobile solutions thus become economical. Every company can use mobile devices on site at the machine in Oslo or at the production site in Macedonia to identify systems via scan or RFID, record data and transfer them directly to SAP ERP. Errors are virtually eliminated. The resulting availability of data in real time facilitates the management of personnel, plants and materials enormously. Production and plant availability remain in flow even more reliably, which increases employee and customer satisfaction.

Small effort – big effect

The step to a mobile solution has become very small today due to oxando. Where necessary, companies from all industries can integrate mobile devices into their processes. They make data available everywhere and authorized personnel is immediately able to provide information. In addition, data can be captured directly – by hand, by barcode or RFID. As a result, errors no longer occur during recording. The effect is enormous: when a customer sends a message, you can immediately determine how quickly it can be processed. The customer receives reliable information on deadlines, costs and system availability. This will probably lead to increased loyalty and follow-up orders.

Your benefits at one glance

  • Rapid implementation of your objectives and processes on the basis of best practices
  • Minimal implementation and operating costs for mobile processes by using existing SAP infrastructure
  • Comprehensive range of functions and broad coverage of requirements from SAP PM, SAP CS and SAP MRS
  • Simple and transparent administration and monitoring of mobile processes
  • Open infrastructure supporting various mobile devices (PDA, Tablet PC, Laptop, Smartphone, …)
  • Interfaces can be adapted in a few hours to support changed processes
  • Your technicians can operate the solution intuitively and easily, offline or online
  • You can achieve digitization e. g. of your maintenance processes in the shortest possible time.
  • Fully integrated checklists for e. g. maintenance and inspection
  • Automatic generation of documents and storage in SAP solutions (e. g. maintenance log)
  • Highest synchronization performance​​

Would you like to mobilize your processes?

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