All Resources at a Glance – for More Efficiency and Fast Response

With oxando Planner you can easily schedule, reschedule and de-schedule all maintenance and service orders and your available resources in a solution fully integrated in SAP Core.

React quickly in unexpected situations (e.g. technical malfunctions and repairs).

Keep a clear overview of all recourses and occurring activities.

Plan and reschedule quickly per Drag & Drop.

Use the intuitive and flexible user interface for displaying the current planning situation and personnel availability.

Easily adapt the solution to your needs with flexible options for customer-specific enhancements.

Seamless Integration of oxando Planner in the SAP Core

oxando Planner

oxando Planner is directly integrated in the SAP Digital Core. Our solution does not require
any additional systems or external APIs.

ONE integrated solution for both – maintenance and service

ONE integrated solution running on SAP ECC as well as on SAP S/4HANA

Integration of Our Planning Solution oxando Planner with Our Mobile Standard Solution oxando ONE

We build the bridge from resource planning to mobile processing with the seamless integration of our solutions.

In oxando Planner, you can flexibly control the distribution of activities to the technician & mobile device. The technician receives all activities in her/his calendar in oxando ONE and can edit and confirm them in the mobile app. The input on mobile updates the planning data in oxando Planner and provides the dispatcher directly with feedback on the status of the work.


oxandoo ONE

oxando Planner – Simple. Flexible. Fully integrated. Future-oriented.

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Mobile Maintenance & Service with oxando ONE

The mobile implementation of the processes along the entire process chain with oxando ONE ensures their fast, efficient, and error-free execution. Learn more about the functionalities and advantages of our standard solution for mobile maintenance and service. (in German)

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