Enhance customer service with SAP solutions

With oxando, you extend the possibilities of SAP CS (Customer Service): receive new functions such as reporting processing or resource-related billing and much more. This makes everyday life easier for every company.

For our customers, individual adaptations result in solutions that make everyday life easier and increase efficiency. If SAP CS is not enough, we can map additional processes with SAP modules for you.

SAP Customer Service (SAP CS)
Employee Scheduling

Designing service processes economically

SAP Customer Service enables you to edit and manage your service processes. However, real added value only emerges when the required functions are available. oxando takes makes sure of it.

For an optimal service

With the SAP MRS or the oxando Team Planner, you plan the deployment of customer service to the minute. Service personnel receive information immediately and report working hours back – directly synchronized with your SAP system.

Customer Service on SAP basis?

Contact us or take a look at our insights on Customer Service based on SAP.